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AECERIBER It was founded 31 years ago by a group of traditional farmers concerned about the plight of the breed at that time, due among other reasons to the depopulation of rural areas of southwestern Spain and the indiscriminate crossing with other races earlier. This association is made up of approximately more than 1,200 associates and more than 2,000 breeders of the Iberian pig breed.

The main purpose of AECERIBER is the Defense of the Iberian Pig, being linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment as a result of its recognition as Purebred Association under R. D. 723/90 of June 8. As such it develops the Genealogical Book of the Race that guarantees the conservation of reproducers in those farms dedicated to the breeding in purity and the selection of the Iberian porcine race. Due to its trajectory and the volume of breeders that it integrates, it is considered as sectorial representative, forming part of the Interprofessional Association of the Iberian Pig, ASICI, since its constitution.


Among its associates and breeders, AECERIBER has practically all of the representation of the five varieties officially recognized in the catalog of breeds, including those considered in Danger of Extinction: Lampiño, Torbiscal and Manchado de Jabugo and the ones considered of promotion: Retinto y Entrepelado.

AECERIBER, has extensive experience in the development of initiatives in defense of the Iberian pig and has a large technical team. Since its creation it has participated in multiple studies and projects with the Universities of Extremadura, Córdoba, Barcelona and Madrid, the ETSIA of Córdoba as well as with INIA, CICYTEX, IRTA, etc., in research lines related to race, its characterization genetic, its productive characterization, quality of meat and meat derivatives, animal health, animal identification, animal welfare, biosecurity of farms and dehesa and their pathologies.

For the development of this project, AECERIBER will act as a beneficiary partner participating in:

Identification of candidate breeders.

Demonstration of the interest of the improvement of the crosses Duroc x Iberian.

General dissemination and awareness.

Creation of communication and dissemination material.

Demonstration of the interest of the improvement of the crosses Duroc x Iberian.

General dissemination and awareness.

Start-up of the project.

General assemblies.

Monitoring of project progress indicators.

Statement of expenses.


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