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IBERCOM is a company that was created in 1999 with the intention of defending the interests of the Iberian pig farmers, as well as helping in everything related to the pig farms of its partners, such as food, management, new technologies, etc. The company was founded with 25 livestock partners, and currently has more than 140 members, focusing its main activity on marketing in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, southern Castilla y León and northern Andalusia.

The company sacrifices more than 45,000 pigs / year that it obtains from its 140 partners, among which are: closed cycle farms and feed bait, farms only and exclusively of feed bait, farms only and exclusively of montanera and farms of breeding (they only produce piglets). It is estimated that the market share of IBERCOM is 2% at the level of slaughtered Iberian pigs, which may represent 20% of the pigs slaughtered in Extremadura, approximately.


Apart from the commercialization of the pigs, the company also guarantees the payment to its members for the sale of the pigs through a reserve fund created specifically for this, and a credit and surety insurance. Likewise, the company also sells quality feed to its members, thus offering an integral offer, since it covers the purchase of piglets, advice on handling, feeding and commercialization of pigs


The company consists mainly of qualified personnel with experience in various areas: nutrition and genetics, animal management and pathology, markets and logistics. The company does not have an R + D + i department, and to date the technical team consists of a total of 7 technically qualified people (Agronomists and Agricultural Technical Engineers), who provide the necessary human resources to carry out the R & D + i activities. IBERCOM does not have specific R & D facilities, and the activities of this project will be carried out in collaboration with some of its partners.


IBERCOM has previous experience in the execution of R & D projects, most of them supported by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and the Junta de Extremadura, both as a promoter partner in R & D projects in cooperation led by other companies, as projects carried out individually, and all of them in collaboration with research centers. This project is the first opportunity to lead a project in cooperation with a firm commitment on the part of IBERCOM towards the generation of knowledge and the improvement of the quality of its animals. The present project supposes the consolidation of an activity started almost 10 years ago, and the opportunity to create new bonds of union with new public organisms and companies. 

Some of the projects promoted to date are listed below:

"Study of the effect of different livestock production systems, strains and curing processes on the quality of products derived from Iberian pigs" (CDTI, IDI-20100406).

"Design of technologies to control the quality of the Iberian pig and its products" (Junta de Extremadura, EI-14-0005-1).

"Reduction of costs and improvement of energy efficiency in the processing industry of the Iberian pig" (Junta de Extremadura, EI-14-0025-1).

"Modification of pork transcriptome through nutrition to improve the intramuscular fat of cured ham" (CDTI, ITC-20151002).

"Effect of the Aberdeen Angus genetics on the quality of the beef produced in the dehesa" (Junta de Extremadura, AA-16-0014-2).

For the development of this project, IBERCOM will act as the leader and technical coordinator of all the activities planned in the project, specifically participating in:

Conditioning of experimental farms.

Design of the feed.

Preparation of experimental protocols.

Experimental genetic crosses.

Demonstration of the interest of the improvement of the crosses Duroc x Iberian.

General dissemination and awareness.

Start-up of the project.

General assemblies.

Monitoring of project progress indicators.

Statement of expenses.


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