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Imasde Agroalimentaria, S.L. is a private research center that has extensive experience in management and scientific support for R & D & I projects in the livestock sector, and more specifically in the Iberian pig. In this sense, he has worked with the main companies in the Iberian pig sector, such as Señorío de Montanera, SL, Agropecuaria Robina, SL, Ibérico Comercialización, SCL, Ibérico Comarca de los Baldíos, Iberselec Montánchez, SA, Julián Martín, SA, SAT Villavieja, Consorcio de Jabugo, SA, as well as with the main R + D + i centers of Extremadura, such as UEX, CICYTEX, CETIEX and CTAEX.

The subjects of study of the projects range from the design of new diets or genetic improvement, to the curing of hams, shoulders and loins, or even the use of the byproducts of the Iberian pig. The center has a large team of researchers formed by agronomists, veterinarians and food technologists with the accumulated experience of executing more than 500 R + D + i projects within the agri-food industry. Of its 25 employees, 10 of them are doctors agronomists or veterinarians, which ensures its compatibility with the rest of the researchers involved in the project and the adequacy and adequacy of their capabilities. Also, his research activity has resulted in numerous participations in international and national conferences, as well as publications in journals of international impact. Finally, note that IMASDE is a member of the Sustainable Innovation Group (which is a national forum specialized in the agri-food sector), which will allow to give greater visibility to the results of the project.

Among the functions to be developed by Imasde Agroalimentaria, S.L. they find each other:

Collaboration in the design of the experimental trial protocol.

Scientific support in the data collection in farm and slaughterhouse.

Collaboration in the creation of a database with the parameters measured in the field and slaughterhouse.

Analysis of data through advanced statistical packages and scientific report preparation.

Collaboration in the sub-tasks of general diffusion and awareness of the project.

Participation in start-up meetings.


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