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TECNOGENEXT is a microenterprise located in the municipality of Arroyo de San Serván (Badajoz) whose line of business is the production, sale and distribution of seminal doses of pure Iberian boars and Duroc for artificial insemination in farms of Iberian sows, constituting the first center of males for artificial insemination specialized in Iberian pig semen from Spain. Its location provides a relevant area of influence in the main producing areas of the Iberian (Badajoz, Seville, Huelva, Salamanca and Portugal).

The strategy of the company focuses on the preparation of seminal doses under innovative quality criteria, counting both a fully equipped laboratory for the evaluation of seminal quality and the preparation of the ejaculates, as well as housing for the accommodation of 104 boars plus 12 squares in the quarantine / lazaretto. These ships, are characterized by allowing a high environmental control that allows to have semen of excellent quality during the months of heat, so that each boar can provide around 1,800 - 2,000 annual doses of semen, resulting in a production of 20,000 annual doses. 30% of the boars belong to the Iberian breed, having pure specimens of the Torbiscal, Retinto and Lampiño strains, and the remaining 70% to Duroc boars of different genetic stocks (Duroc PIC, French Duroc, Duroc English JSR, Duroc Geporc (two lines).


Since its birth, TECNOGENEXT, S.L. has shown a clear interest in R + D + i, having developed a previous research project with the support of the Center for Industrial Technological Development entitled "Seed quality evaluation technologies for Iberian pigs" (IDI- 20080698), a project funded by the Junta de Extremadura entitled "Analysis of the effect of genetics on the content of different fatty tissues of fresh Iberian ham" (AA 16- 0013-2), and that complements the current project, and a funded project using own resources entitled "Effect of Iberian pig genetics on seminal quality and fertility percentage" (IDI-2017-94867-a). The university education of its partners has influenced the research strategy defined to improve the Iberian swine herd. In this sense, the company has decided to count on the support of public research organizations (University of Extremadura) and with Imasde Agroalimentaria, S.L., a private research center specialized in technological development for the agri-food industry to advance its innovation process.

For the development of this project, TECNOGENEXT will act as beneficiary partner in all the activities planned in the project, specifically participating in:

Selection of candidate breeders.

Conditioning of experimental farms.

Preparation of experimental protocols.

Artificial insemination of breeders.

Demonstration of the interest of the improvement of the crosses Duroc x Iberian.

General dissemination and awareness.

Start-up of the project.

General assemblies.

Monitoring of project progress indicators.

Statement of expenses.


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